"StemRad's products dramatically increase survival upon exposure to high radiation doses while substantially reducing cancer probability due to continued exposures to low doses of radiation"

First Responder
Shielding our firefighters from deadly gamma radiation, so that they can complete their critical life-saving tasks.

Military Personnel
Enabling our soldiers to safely engage in combat, while in the presence of deadly gamma radiation.

Police Force
Protecting law enforcement from the deadly effects of gamma radiation while operating in the presence of INDs and RDDs.

Nuclear Industry
Protecting nuclear power plant first-responders and workers in the event of a nuclear reactor catastrophe.

EOD Units
Protecting EOD Personnel from Radiological Dispersal Devices.

Protecting Astronauts from Solar Particle Events and Galactic Cosmic Rays

Nobel Laureate Endorsement

Rencel Energy & Metal Limited

Energy demand in the world is growing at the rate of about 9 per cent annually – three times the global average.