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Since decades, RENCEL is a key partner providing technical R&D services for nuclear safety, licensing support and nuclear waste management in Associates with NRW. Rencel Energy & Metal Limited, being involved in fulfilling the growing energy demand with nuclear power, in association with NRW, would like to request you to allow us to use efficient power generation techniques in the field of Nuclear Power. In comparison to traditional methods, the proposed technique would prove to be a game changer in the entire nuclear waste disposal model.

Our culture includes environmental practices which are front of mind and part of everyday business promoting excellent environmental performance, continuous improvement and the ongoing reduction of environmental risks. Rencel is committed to structuring its activities and operating its generation portfolio to be consistent with a global agreement to limit global warming to less than 2°C above pre-industrial levels (2°C goal). Our mission confirms to deliver safe, clean, efficient and reliable energy to the world while developing our people and building sustainable nuclear operational capacity. Rencel Energy & Metal Limited is committed to deliver safe, clean, efficient nuclear energy to the world. We aim at forming strategic partnerships with local and international companies and pursuing investment opportunities to support the growth of the nuclear energy industry worldwide.

Rencel Energy & Metal Ltd. is an open access journal of related scientific research, technology development, engineering, and the studies in policy and management. We are committed to achieving excellence in environmental management and performance and to delivering safe, clean, efficient nuclear energy to the world, forming strategic partnerships with local and international companies and pursuing investment opportunities to support the growth of the nuclear energy industry worldwide.

In the period from 2005 to 2016, scientists of NRW developed a new type of chemical preparations for the indispensable cleaning of heating equipment, communications and technical water supply systems from sediments, as well as chemical water treatment and prevention of formation of sediments and befouling in technical water supply systems, developed technical solutions and equipment for conducting indispensable, and immersible and aerosol decontamination of radioactive waste, as well as algorithms and methods for optimizing deactivation process at all stages, operation and decommissioning of nuclear power plants and management of radioactive waste. Technologies are combined in a single, flexible adaptable system of deactivation. Rencel Energy and Metal ltd has joined hands with NRW to bring this new technology to Worldwide.

Refer to the comparison chart of Traditional Method and Our Technology.
Refer to the comparison chart of Traditional Method and Our Technology.
The company has mastered the industrial production of preparations, an industrial approbation of drugs and technologies at the existing facilities of the petrochemical complex and nuclear power. In 2013-17, in accordance with the agreed testing programs, the development, initial testing, and approbation in the nuclear industry of technologies for cleaning the existing equipment of nuclear power plants was done (shell and tube heat exchangers for various purposes, as well as for decontamination of RW samples).

The test results showed that the listed technologies are in demand and are of interest for nuclear facilities in the framework of:

  • Solving the current tasks of providing the technological cycle, safety of NPP operation (improving the reliability and resource of equipment) and repairing the existing equipment (cleanup of heat exchanger and other equipment during the repair period);
  • Decontamination of the return equipment;
  • Decontamination of large-scale radioactive equipment before fragmentation (steam generators, condensers, etc.), as well as decontamination of fragmented equipment (radioactive waste – low and medium radioactive waste) in the baths to the background values to output the control of waste;
  • Aerosol decontamination of equipment and surface premises in the controlled access area and other premises.

These technologies, in comparison with the use of acid washing and decontamination, allow us to solve a number of problems of nuclear power plants, including the increase of the coefficient of the use of the installed capacity, while reducing material, time resources and labor, improve safety and manufacturability of repair and decommissioning of equipment and handling of RW (reduce or eliminate the use of manual labor), including:

  • To carry out effective decontamination of the operating equipment of nuclear power plants in comparison with the mechanical methods (hydro mechanical, sandblasting, etc.)
  • Decontaminate complexly configured equipment and areas (e.g. intertubular space) as operating equipment without disruption of integrity, and decommissioned before fragmentation;
  • Unlike the electrochemical method (“dissolution of metal”) with a limited number of cycles, decontaminate the deposits of the return equipment without destroying the metal of the equipment;
  • In contrast to the electrochemical method, inefficient with respect to the equipment with deposits (the surfaces require preliminary cleaning from scales and deposits, oil, paints, etc.) to perform combined cleaning and decontamination with one solutions;
  • Increase the efficiency of the electrochemical method, reduce the amount of secondary LRW (our preparations can be used repeatedly after pre-saturation during decontamination, do not form LRW – liquid radioactive waste and hazardous emissions, as they decompose spontaneously to water, carbon dioxide, nitrogen and oxygen or, if necessary, decompose to these products when heated or when exposed in a special sewage system).

Currently the technology is ready and its effectiveness has been verified.

Based on the results of testing, the technologies and the demonstrated interest of potential consumers of these technologies for different purposes, we offer the possibility of cooperation with RENCEL and – NRW – Neutralization of Radioactive Waste – for cleaning and decontamination using these technologies.

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