Demron is Noted as World’s Only Personal Protection Gear that Guards Against Nuclear, Chemical, Biological, Radiation, Viral, and Heat Stress Threats MIAMI–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Radiation Shield Technologies, noted as the only manufacturer offering personal protection gear that is proven to provide protection against ionizing radiation, chemical and biological threats as well

SDemron’s patented nanotechnology has been in development for almost a decade. From its humble beginnings to the technological leaps of today, Demron has been continually enhanced and refined. Using the latest molecular engineering techniques, Demron offers the kind of radiation protection only associated with traditional heavy metals like Lead.

Demron is produced through a carefully controlled manufacturing process that allows RST’s technicians to construct the exact molecular configurations needed to block radioactivity. With a specialized group of factories and laboratories throughout the nation, Demron’s quality and effectiveness is of primary importance for every Demron product produced. While Demron itself has the versatility to be manufactured for many different needs and specifications, the core nanotechnology at the heart of the Demron process is what makes it truly unique

Our Mission

Radiation Shield Technologies (RST) is the sole producer of Demron® , a revolutionary lightweight, non-toxic, Lead-free, radiation protection fabric for individuals. Through a distinctive technology 8 years in the making, RST has perfected the development of this unique garment that can effectively shield the human body against ionizing radiation, while leaving its wearer unencumbered and fully mobile. Using a patented nanotechnology, Demron® is currently manufactured into full body suits, blankets, tents, and other products to protect individuals during any radiological/nuclear emergency.

Developed by world-renowned surgeon Ronald F. DeMeo, MD, Demron® was originally created to protect medical personnel and patients from the harmful effects of X-ray radiation in the operating room. “I’ve worked around radiation my entire career, and I have seen what it can do to the human body, even at low levels. Demron® was my way to better protect myself in the O.R., and bring something better to the people who work around radiation every day.” Dr. DeMeo developed Demron® as a way to finally shed light on the archaic field of radiation protection. “Until now, we’ve simply ignored the threat of radiation because there was nothing that could be done. Lead has been the standard for over 50 years; a toxic, heavy, impractical standard to say the least.”

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